Job Requisition

A job requisition is a formal request within an organization for the recruitment of a new employee to fill a specific position. This document outlines the need for the new hire, provides details about the position, and may include information on the budget allocation for the role. The job requisition is typically initiated by the hiring manager or department head who identifies a staffing need to address business requirements, expansion, or workforce changes.

Key components of a job requisition may include:

  1. Position Title: The specific title of the job that is being requested.
  2. Job Description: A brief description of the responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations for the position.
  3. Justification: An explanation of the reasons behind the need for the new hire, such as increased workload, expansion of services, or the creation of a new role.
  4. Budget: Information on the allocated budget for the position, including salary range and associated costs.
  5. Approval: A section for obtaining necessary approvals from higher management or relevant stakeholders before initiating the recruitment process.

The job requisition serves as a formalized and documented step in the recruitment process, providing transparency and accountability in the hiring process. It is an essential tool for ensuring that the organization’s staffing needs align with its strategic objectives and that the recruitment process is conducted in a structured and well-organized manner.