Recruiting Automation

Our agent is a flexible lightweight solution for any size businesses and freelancers

Recruiting Automation

Let us take care of your automation among different services
that have access via their API

Software Agent

Access to different service via API

Generative AI

– parsing job description
– extracting skills based on Job title and job description
– improving queries

Progammable Search Engine

– up to 500 words in query
– up to 100 results for a site

Sourcing candidates

– filter by skills
– searching profiles on websites using the boolean query technique x-Ray “site:”

AI Recruiting Assistant

– connecting to chatGPT
– creating your own assistant
– No shareability with others

Integration with ATS (perspective)

– sending candidates to ATS
– getting information about candidates
– generating messages



The agent uses credits to pay for services via API. Each service has its own price so you buy credits for the agent to use cloud infrastructure, chatGPT, programmable search engine, etc.
Stripe is used as a payment provider and it’s secured.
1 credit = $0.01


Trying out the agent is possible to use the demo without registration and 30 credits that are restored every 24 hours


After registration, you will get 500 credits for the full-featured agent


Bring a new user to claim 500 credits and this user gets additional 500 credits as well


Your feedback, bug report and feature request are really important to us. You may claim credits as well

Software Agent



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