HR Digital Transformation

Changing operational HR processes to become automated and data-driven.

AI-powered SaaS to help recruiters hunt high-tech talents

Recruiter uploads a job description. Uploading files is in txt formats. A recruiter can create a project for each vacancy. This will allow him to store job description templates for future reference.

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Candidate persona is formed on the basis of key parameters extracted from the job description. The extracted terms (key parameters) from job description are used as a set of keywords to create a boolean query string for Google search.

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Talent sourcing module is based on Boolean Queries Builder. It is used to create customized queries for finding candidates’ profiles. Our algorithm optimizes Boolean queries by choosing skills and size according to Google’s limit and job requirements.

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Talent pipeline is formed based on sourcing candidates. Recruiter chooses talents with filters and scoring skills-based calculation. Candidates get different data from profiles on the Internet to better analyze by recruiters. Our solution uses different services to get contacts of candidates as phone, personal and work emails

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For talent acquisition email campaigns are created to get responses from candidates. There is analytics of sent emails.

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Personalized emails are created based on data from different profiles and may include first name, last name, job title, company, linkedin profile, experience, skills, etc.

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According to the developed workflow our system sends an email to selected Candidates on behalf of Recruiter (or just mention the Recruiter organization) asking if he/she is interested in the position.

Talent sourcing and acquisition


We create HR automation solutions

Turn the spreadsheets used to manage HR processes into automation solutions based on AI and data-driven approach.

Talent sourcing

Recruiters spend 13 hours each week sourcing candidates. With AI-driven sourcing, talent acquisition teams can build wider talent pools, giving them more candidates to choose from – and ultimately, better quality hires.

AI for recruiters

AI helps recruiters save time by automatically screening and qualifying applicants, enabling HR professionals to pull from a shortlist of candidates rather than sifting through a larger pool.

HR Automation solutions

HR automation increases productivity because it reduces the time and resources required to complete typical workflows. The workflows and forms are automated and live in the cloud, so anyone can search for them, retrieve and edit at any time.


We provide automation solutions
for HR processes

An AI-powered talent acquisition solution that helps companies find the best talents faster. There are a resume parsing tool, using Natural Language Processing, and machine learning to screen resumes contextually. It can also match and rank candidates to help recruiters with their shortlisting.
The matching module uses contextual analysis and matches candidate profiles based on the required skills, responsibilities, expertise level, and then candidates are ranked according to their scores for the particular job.  Proxycurl API is used for finding and verifying email addresses and phones for candidate profiles we received from LinkedIn.


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