SocialList vs. PiHRate: Choose the best sourcing tool

SocialList is a specialized tool crafted for social profile searching and list building, offering users a range of features to enhance their search precision and efficiency. One key aspect is the Precision Search Parameters, empowering users to input specific criteria like locations, employers, and job titles, allowing for a highly refined and customized search experience. This approach sets it apart by providing results that are more precise compared to conventional search engine X-Ray methods, ensuring users can pinpoint the exact profiles they are seeking.

The platform’s Social Site-Specific Search Tools, known as Agents, further amplify its capabilities. Each Agent is meticulously designed to focus on specific social sites, enabling users to navigate and extract valuable information seamlessly. These Agents don’t just stop at displaying results but go a step further by allowing users to save up to one hundred search results directly into an Excel file. This functionality not only streamlines the organization of data but also facilitates efficient analysis for users seeking to manage and process large datasets.

SocialList goes beyond basic search functionalities by actively addressing and overcoming the limitations posed by various social sites. The platform’s commitment to overcoming these search constraints is evident in its Contact Finder feature. Integrated into the tool, the Contact Finder can be applied to profiles discovered by Agents or manually entered by users. This built-in tool significantly enriches search results by providing email addresses associated with the identified records, offering users a more comprehensive and actionable set of data.

FeaturesSocialListpiHRate’s Agent
  Programmable Search Engine
  Words in queryup to 500up to 500
 Extracting skills by GenAI
  X-Ray Search 
X (Twitter)
Wellfound (former AngelList)
  Visual Query Builder
  Find contacts
  Export Results
features’ comparison SocialList and piHRate’s agent