Vacation Request Form App

An app for employees and HR to request and manage time off

Start using this customizable vacation request form app for your business. Manage your employees vacation requests and much more. Explore the interactive sample app on this page then create a vacation request form app of your own. The Vacation Request Form allows employees to request time off and HR to approve or deny it. The scenario is HR would build two almost identical apps: one for employees that only contains the form, and one for HR reps that includes both the form and past submitted data. Only HR should be able to see the full list of requested time off for the year. When an employee requests time off, HR will receive an email with the information. HR can then approve or deny time off, upon which the employee in question will receive an email update. The app you’re seeing is HR’s version. In order to build the employee version, just copy this app and remove the data view in the hamburger menu.