AI for recruiters

AI in recruitment has been anything but that. It has neither taken away jobs nor completely taken over the HR business. Instead, it complements the work of hiring teams and makes the recruitment process faster and more efficient.  Talent-acquisition professionals admitted that AI has enabled them to hire higher-quality candidates.

AI may also be used to scan resumes and intelligently shortlist the most suitable candidates. This is usually done by training the algorithm to find certain keywords in application materials that prove their suitability. However, some companies have extended their system capabilities beyond just that. 

Depending on the roles to be filled, companies often have job applicants go through multiple stages to guarantee that they select only the most qualified candidates, but this can also become a bottleneck.

AI-powered software can analyze people’s online presence such as their social media profiles and public data. The technology can make predictions based on this data. For example about how likely people are to accept a job and what roles they might be interested in. It can also analyze the profiles of candidates who have already started a job within the company. By combining all the available information, the software can identify candidates with similar personalities and skills. 

Creation an automated recruitment process will eventually improve quality of hire, candidate experience and – perhaps most importantly – the everyday working lives of recruiters.