Recruit’em vs. piHRate: Choose the best sourcing tool

X-Ray search uses the specific operator “site:” for search engines. You can specify a particular website or domain to narrow down your search results to the site and the “site:” operator in Google can be used to search for user profiles.

Recruit’em (recruitin) builds specific boolean queries to search profiles but piHRate to avoid complicated boolean queries uses meta information to identify profiles or just specific URL, and generated skills by AI. 

FeaturesRecruit’empiHRate’s Agent
  Programmable Search Engine
  Words in queryup to 32up to 500
  Extracting skills by GenAI
  X-Ray Search 
X (Twitter)
Wellfound (former AngelList)
  Visual Query Builder
features’ comparison recruit’em and pihrate’s agent

piHRate’s Agent

  • AI-Generated Skills:
    • piHRate employs artificial intelligence to generate skills information for profile identification. The AI analyzes information provided by users, such as job titles, and generates relevant skills information.
    • Advantages: Offers a dynamic and automated way to determine relevant skills without users needing to specify them explicitly.
  • Meta Information and Specific URLs:
    • piHRate simplifies profile identification by leveraging meta information and specific URLs, reducing reliance on complicated Boolean queries.
    • Advantages: Streamlines the search process by using readily available information or analyzing content from specific sources.
  • User-Friendly Approach:
    • Simplifying the user experience and eliminating the need for users to manually construct complex queries. Users interact with piHRate through a more intuitive interface, providing inputs that guide the AI in generating relevant skills information.
    • Advantages: Reduces the learning curve and allows users to focus on the outcome rather than the intricacies of query construction.

Recruit’em X-Ray Search

  • Boolean Query Builder:
    • Recruit’em simplifies the process of building Boolean queries for sourcing candidates. Users input their criteria using a user-friendly interface, and Recruit’em generates a Boolean query based on those inputs.
    • Advantages: Allows for precise and targeted searches by leveraging the structured data on professional networking sites.
  • Complex Queries Made Easy:
    • Helping users construct complex queries without requiring an in-depth understanding of Boolean logic. Recruit’em translates user-friendly inputs into Boolean strings, streamlining the process of finding relevant profiles.
    • Advantages: Reduces the complexity and time required to create effective Boolean queries.


  • Skills Generation:
    • piHRate’s use of AI to generate skills dynamically can be advantageous, especially when users may not be certain about the specific skills they’re targeting.
  • Query Construction:
    • Recruit’em focuses on simplifying Boolean query construction for users who prefer a more hands-on approach.
  • Automation vs. User Control:
    • piHRate leans towards automation by using AI for skills generation, while Recruit’em provides users with more control over constructing Boolean queries.