New Features for Seamless Candidate Sourcing

New Features for Seamless Candidate Sourcing


We’re thrilled to announce some exciting updates to our agent that will take your candidate sourcing experience to the next level. Our mission is to simplify and streamline the recruitment process, and these latest features are designed to do just that.

Export Results to Google Sheets

Efficiency is the key to successful recruitment, and with our latest update, you can now export candidate search results directly to Google Sheets. This means you can easily organize, analyze, and collaborate on potential matches with your team, all within the familiar and powerful environment of Google Sheets.

Integration with

We understand the importance of reaching out to a diverse and talented pool of candidates. With the integration of, a popular community for developers, you can now source profiles from a platform that celebrates knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the tech industry. This expansion opens up new avenues for discovering skilled professionals who align with your recruitment needs.

Connect with Talent on and

In our commitment to providing you with diverse options, we’ve added support for sourcing profiles from and These platforms host a wide range of freelancers and professionals across various industries. By including these sources, you have access to a broader spectrum of talent, whether you’re looking for specialized freelancers or seasoned professionals.

We hope these updates enhance your experience and empower you to build a stronger and more dynamic team. As always, we value your feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts with us. Stay tuned for more exciting features as we continue to evolve and improve the agent.

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