Recruiting Automation

Workplace 2021: Three Trends And The Technologies That Can Drive Them

Amid social unrest and ongoing economic challenges as well as a global pandemic, the workplace in 2021 looks drastically different than it did a year ago. There are three core trends and explore some of the tools and technologies. Trend 1: Hybrid Workspaces While a turbulent year has created much uncertainty surrounding work and the workplace,…
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What HR skills will we need for the future?

Research claims that 71% of HR leaders believe 2020 was the most stressful year in their career as they were tasked with connecting a remote workforce, navigating the changing furlough rules, and making more of an impact with fewer resources, less time and less money. Connecting a Remote WorkforceDespite the resistance to remote-working in some sectors…
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Performance Management: Six Best Practices In The New Normal

Performance management is a key business process that ensures well-coordinated individual and team efforts conjoin into organizational goals. HR and personal management strategies have undergone a paradigm shift, gravitating more toward becoming a strategic business partner and creating and managing employee value and motivation within the organization. A successful management process of channeling employee value,…
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Virtual and free HR Tech conference

HR Tech is committed to ensuring the HR community has avenues to see how technology can assist them during these unprecedented times while also providing expert guidance to help teams cope with the now and what lies ahead. HR Tech is excited to host its second virtual event in March 2021 — and admission remains…
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HR tech & tools for recruiters

A look at some AI services with recruiters and employers in mind Turning employees into candidates Identifying opportunities for redeploying staff should be at the top of the talent management team’s agenda as firms try to recover from the global pandemic as efficiently as possible. SmartRecruiters wants to improve internal mobility which, it claims, represents…
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Boolean search boosts online sourcing

There are many good reasons to use Google instead of a job profile site’s advanced search feature. For example, when you use the advanced search feature in LinkedIn, the results are prioritized by profiles in your specific network. When you use Google, you have full access to the range of profiles. Using Boolean in Google…
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