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SaaS for High Tech Talent Acquisition

Recruiters’ boolean search is ignored because Google limits queries

Have you ever seen a warning message while sourcing candidates with Google Search “Word (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 words.”? A Boolean query cannot exceed 32 words. This means that your boolean queries have lost a lot of terms/skills while searching through Google. The problem is the recruiters…
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AI-driven automation speeds up sourcing

Talent acquisition teams are under enormous pressure, automation and intelligence make it possible to bulk process key steps. From the top of the funnel, AI-driven automation speeds up sourcing and screening with the aid of dynamic workflows, intelligent job posting, selection, and more – instead of charging recruiters with manual outreach. While it is possible…
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Boolean search boosts online sourcing

There are many good reasons to use Google instead of a job profile site’s advanced search feature. For example, when you use the advanced search feature in LinkedIn, the results are prioritized by profiles in your specific network. When you use Google, you have full access to the range of profiles. Using Boolean in Google…
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